Tranquil Still - Round the Garden Gin

  • £42.50

This is Tranquil Still's premium creation.

Round the Garden is a sipping gin; the flavours will develop gently across your palate. As they do, you’ll appreciate why they chose this name for it. As you discern the essences of juniper, of jasmine, marigold, a touch of hibiscus, a waft of  honeysuckle, it is like a stroll round a beautiful garden. And a dalliance through into the herb garden too, past the coriander, the oregano, and was that a chilli?

Please note that a mild cloudiness in craft gin comes from natural flavour oils held in suspension, poised to bathe your tastebuds. They could take them out and reduce those flavours. Tranquil Still voted not to!

The Gin Jamboree Team agree with the maker. Recommending it’s served straight with ice, with your favoured India tonic, or a light ginger ale. It needs nothing more, really.

  • Country - United Kingdom
  • Bottle - 70cl
  • Alcohol - 45%