Pinkster Raspberry Infused Gin - 'Bag-in-Box'

Pinkster Raspberry Infused Gin - 'Bag-in-Box'

  • £150.00

Distilled in small batches, Pinkster is an award winning, premium gin, using only locally grown raspberries in the spirit. Deliciously dry, with a hint of fruit and an exceptionally smooth finish. For a refreshingly different G&T, mix with a decent tonic and add a spring of fresh mint.

For those who love pink gin, things are about to go large. How large do you ask? Well, Pinkster have just unveiled a bag-in-the-box which contains a whopping 3-litres of their raspberry infused gin.

Now you can potentially enjoy the delicious taste of Pinkster as you go and refill whenever you please.

It’s all the latest innovation towards helping out the environment. By using bag and box packaging, the idea is to cut down on glass waste.

Pinkster on Tap is all about convenience and sustainability delivered in an eye-catching, stylish format.

Ideal for parties! 

  • Country - England
  • Size - 3L
  • Alcohol - 37.5%