Nginious! Smoked and Salted gin

Nginious! Smoked and Salted gin

  • £55.00

Like all Nginious gins, the smoked and salted has been distilled and smoked in separate batched and then blended in a second time. 

Using chestnuts, which are cold smoked for 40 (!) hours, and are subsequently macerated in spirit with ginger, quince, bitter orange, coriander and juniper, the smoked nuts are only half of the equation. The salt is a special salt, that comes from the Alps, is smoked itself on the boards of Larch pine, which means that the smoked salt is absorbing aromas from the wood, saps and tars as well, adding complexity and piney nuance.

The Gin Jamboree Team suggests it in a Martini.

  • Country - Switzerland
  • Bottle Size - 50cl
  • Alcohol - 42%