Hussingtree Asparagus Gin

Hussingtree Asparagus Gin

  • £40.00

Those keen eyed amongst you may recognise this from when it appeared on James Martin's Saturday Morning on ITV. 

It's a bit quirky. It's pretty unique. And it's truly delicious.

Through distillation the asparagus delivers an earthy, nutty-sweetness on the palate. The guys at Hussingtree are proud to source their asparagus from Revills Farm, one of the leading asparagus producers in Worcestershire. 

The blend of botanicals, enhanced by local brine salt that's added during the distillation process, complements its characteristics wonderfully. They never add any further flavours or sweeteners to our gin after it's distilled.

The Gin Jamboree Team recommends this with tonic and a sprig of mint. 

  • Country - United Kingdom
  • Bottle - 70cl
  • Alcohol - 40%